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    About the Author

    Dona Herweck Rice, Ph.D., Counselor

    Dona Herweck Rice holds a doctor of psychology degree and is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a licensed professional clinical counselor, and a national certified counselor. She has worked with children and families for the past 30 years as a professional and through PTA, scouts, and as a volunteer in elementary classrooms. She has been a college professor for the past 15 years, teaching at various universities, including the Cal State system, the University of Phoenix, and the University of Redlands. She has helped to shape the careers of many human service workers and teachers. She has been actively involved at many schools and has had the opportunity to see the effects of bullying firsthand. This is an issue she is passionate about as she raises her own children and strives to see all kids in safe, nurturing environments.

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