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    Cathy Collier

    Cathy Collier has been an educator for more than 30 years, with a variety of roles, most notedly as a kindergarten teacher and reading specialist for K-2 Title 1 and non-Title 1 schools with Chesapeake Public Schools. In the role of reading specialist, Cathy was responsible for data collection, interventions, reporting, and professional development throughout her school site and her district where she also worked with curriculum development. Cathy’s passion is curriculum and learning practices within the early childhood classroom and she has channeled that passion into her new Shell Education professional resource, The Road to Independent Reading and Writing. Cathy has spoken at numerous state and national conferences and is a member of several leading literacy associations, including the Virginia State Literacy Association for the last 20 years where she served as Conference Chair/Vice-President, and President, and being elected to the International Literacy Association Board of Directors in 2015 where she served for three years, and was a member of the Global Literacy Committee which focused on literacy opportunities for children worldwide. Cathy has received numerous accolades for her work, most recently as a Darden Fellow at Old Dominion University (her alma mater) for her contributions to literacy.

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